"Every app needs a beautiful,
memorable app icon that attracts
people in the AppStore and stands
out on their Home screen."

Why do you need the best icon?

How do your potential users choose apps in AppStore? Usually they look at top charts and then go to app's page. Will the user go to the application page or not depends on the name, price and ICON. The name and price you can usually choose by yourself. But how to choose from several nice icons prepared by designers an icon that will attract the largest number of potential users?

Icon — is one of the three the most important factors (along with price and name) that determine conversion from appearance in Search screen to Downloading.

The popular adage that we should never judge a book by its cover works completely opposite when it comes to apps. App icon is the first impression users have as they scroll through the over 1,000,000 apps currently on the market. You want it to stand out and scream "DOWNLOAD ME".

Additional complication is that after you've got several of well-designed icons no one — you, your designer, your business partner, your wife, and even customer focus groups — can tell which of the icons will better drive your app downloads.

Best Icon provides a statistical unconscious customer-based, fast & easy, and cost efficient way to choose the best icon. Read more

"Every app needs a beautiful, memorable app icon that attracts
people in the AppStore and stands out on their Home screen."

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Statistical unconscious customer based

Based on unconscious feedback of app users, who will really decide whether download your app, not "experts" or "focus groups"


Fast & Easy

Less than 5 min to register and launch your first icon testing campaign with 80% of campaign completed in less than 24 hours

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Cost efficient

How much value will you forfeit even if you understand that your icon is not the right one just 1 week after release?

Real life story

"While it got some of the aspects of a good icon right, including a subtle communication of the apps purpose, it resulted in an unprofessional look that didn't really prompt a user to find out more.

After releasing the app I had already begun to think about what I could do to make
it look more professional...... Read More

After releasing the app I had already begun to think about what I could do to make it look more professional and, as such, this lead to me thinking about an improved icon. I chose a color scheme that was a little more likeable and relevant to the app, and sought to improve the icon with more detailed graphics.

The eventual version 2.0 icon resulted in a 15% increase in the downloads within the first 3 months, which could in part be attributed to a more professional look. However, even with this in mind, the icon was far from perfect. Extra detail was left somewhat useless given the icon size, which made it virtually impossible to see. The other problem was in the choice of color which simply blended into a very crowded app store.

For the 3rd and final version of the app icon I chose to drop the name from the icon, which was entirely unnecessary and blocked most of the icon. Finally, the use of the word "Sports Rules" was overpowering and needed to be dealt. This led to the designer and I working towards a more subtle and memorable way to represent the content of the app. As a result of this significantly more impressive icon, the apps downloads rose over 70% within a three month period.

So, with the link between app icons, app discovery and eventually app sales clearly identified, it makes perfect sense to launch straight out of the gate with an impressive app icon. Make it memorable and your app will thank you for it." Read less

3 steps to start

and get statistically significant unconscious feedback from your future customers


Register account

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Upload icons

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Learn customer choise

After campaign is finished you will get a notice on email and will be able to download campaign report from Developer dashboard

Fare plans

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Reports you get $30 per campaign $80 per campaign $99 per campaign
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icon's relative score
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Raw database of selectors
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sophisticated analysis
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